Founder of Fractal Butterfly Productions in Peterborough, ON

ANGEL HAMILTON emerged from the video aisles at Blockbuster where she worked as a clerk (obtaining valuable research) and dove right into assisting to remount Global Visions Documentary Festival in Edmonton. A graduate of Anthropology at Trent University, she worked as a documentary producer’s assistant at Red Storm Productions and Purple Productions in British Columbia and then went on to obtain a certificate in documentary production at Capilano University Bosa Centre for Film & Animation.

Her passion for food justice was sparked by working with the Britannia Community Centre to help mount the Stone Soup Food Film Festival. She directed personal films and produced a number of student productions before moving back to her hometown of Peterborough in 2012 where she co-founded Media Arts Peterborough to produce a web series called WHAT IS ART? about local artists.

A three-time honoree of Trent Film Society’s Snowdance Film Festival Her latest documentary she directed is called Free Don which is a documentary about freedom of speech and expression and the dangers of farmed salmon in Vancouver Island, BC

She won best community documentary for Free Don at the Snowdance Film Festival at Market Hall in 2016 Ptbo, ON

She maintains a passion for transformation through creative response and she works invisibly in the background facilitating art and expression in all forms. Most recently, she worked as co-producer on Lester Alfonso’s creative nonfiction project BIRTHMARK. check out the interview with filmmakers

She is also the associate and impact producer for the documentary project CIRCUS BOY that premiered at ReFrame Film Festival 2020

She facilitates documentary filmmaking workshops occasionally at Trent U Cultural Studies and in the Indigenous Studies department and for Peterborough Independent Podcasting Association and W2 Media for the Utopia Film Festival and has volunteered for the Vancouver Folk Festival for the Stories project as documentary filmmaker.

These days, she’s exploring new ways to tell stories through video projection art. You can check out her podcast What is Art? at and her podcast Naked Angel Virgin Vinyl on Soundcloud She is very grateful for Trent Radio at Trent University since 2005 where she first learned how to use media technology in producer driven community radio.

She has performed as a VJ at OM Solstice Gathering and is currently working as a crowdfunding volunteer for the documentary about the Fairy Creek Blockades called “Standing with the Ancients”

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